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dapta connects your software tools
so you get more focus and less frustration.

What is dapta?

The all-in-one web app to create, visualise, test and automate simulation workflows.

  • Set up design explorations in minutes.
  • Execute parametric studies or design optimizations anywhere, anytime.
  • Quickly access and review outputs, implement changes, and re-launch. 

A service that is 100% cloud based.

  • No local installation nightmares. 
  • Scalable computing resources that match the problems you need to solve.
  • Secure data storage and transfer.

An architecture that is fully compatible with the tools that you already use.

  • Save time, reduce cost and frustration by not having to use unfamiliar tools. 
  • Be in full control of the code – there are no “black boxes” or magic solutions. 
  • Connect almost any tool that you can install on your desktop. Get in touch to check specific requirements for your applications.

dapta in 7 steps.

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  • Need to chat? We’re here to support you and answer questions when they come up: contact@dapta.com