Launching the Dapta Trial

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After months of hard work, we can finally share a glimpse of what we have been working on. Not only that, but you can even try it out yourself (sign-up link below). 

Here is an overview of what the app is all about.

What problem is Dapta solving?

Have you ever …

Automated the creation or analysis of simulation models?
Created scripts/macros to reformat simulation data or to move it around?
Used more than one software tool to generate, process or visualise simulation data?

If so, you are probably in good company. As performance expectations rise, products become more complex and so do engineering workflows and processes. In a recent industry report (see figure below), it is estimated that more than half of R&D-driven organisations are using three or more different simulation software packages (not counting in-house tools), in many cases to support multidisciplinary simulation efforts.

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Source: 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

The problem with more complex simulation workflows is that they become harder to manage. Not only are there many components in the workflows, which has an impact on the analysis time and computing resources needed, but the levels of expertise required to build, execute and connect each single component are high. Manual data management processes are widely used, but they are inefficient and hard to control.

Today, simulation experts need the best possible platforms to help them design, capture, execute and automate these complex workflows, so that they can focus on understanding the important engineering aspects, without worrying about the practical implementation details. Besides performance and usability requirements, tools also need to be accessible anywhere in the world at any time.

What is our solution? 


The Dapta app is a solution built on the following principles:

  • The app is designed to be an all-in-one solution to visualise, test and automate simulation workflows. The aim is to reduce the time and effort spent on connecting tools by providing standard software interfaces. For this we use Python, which is easy to understand, has an extensive library and a large user community.  
  • The app lives 100% in the cloud. Users will be able to specify the amount of computing resources (CPU / Memory / Storage) they want to use, but they do not have to manage them.
  • The app architecture is designed to be fully compatible with the software tools used by engineering simulation professionals today and in the future. The aim is to minimise time, cost and frustrations associated with unnecessary engineering process changes.
Here is a demo video of the app in action:

Today, we are releasing a trial version of the Dapta web app free of charge.

Why are we doing this? 

Because we believe that early user feedback will help Dapta grow into a better solution for all. 

What is included in the trial?

The trial version is a prototype that includes only the basic features of the app. It may sometimes be slow and unstable. By default there are limits on the simulation tools available, the number of workflow components and computing resources. If you want to check more specific requirements, please get in touch (contact@dapta.com).

What is the development roadmap? 

If you sign-up, you will see the app evolve quickly as development is ongoing. Of course, the aim is to take-on user feedback as quickly as possible, making improvements along the way. There is also a pipeline of use-cases we want to implement and test that will take at least a couple of months to complete.  

What happens when the trial ends? 

We will send all of our test users regular email updates to keep them informed about the trial progress. Rest assured, you will know well in advance about the next steps. We hope to be able to launch the full version soon, in which case test users will have the option to move to this – at a preferential rate of course 😉

Help us design a better way to automate simulation workflows!

Sign-up today at this link: 

Request Trial Access





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