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daptablade to dapta

Over the last 18 months the company’s focus has changed but the name and logo stayed the same…until now!

DaptaBlade was founded 2 years ago to commercialise the Z-beam novel aerodynamic tailoring technology that Olivia developed during her PhD. Olivia was looking to apply that technology to wind turbines, UAV wings and propellers, making “DaptaBlade” the perfect name. Need a new wing? Call DaptaBlade!

Sadly it is time to bid farewell to our original logo and name and look to the future.
Thank you to all those who took the time to answer our many branding questionnaires asking which name would be best, or which colour suite an engineering company. Most of all we owe a lot of thanks to our designer Monica Tuffs who listened to our fuzzy ideas and turned it into beautiful designs!

Over the comings weeks we will be transitioning our website, LinkedIn and Twitter to reflect the updated brand. We will post on all our platforms when it comes time to make the change so keep an eye on your feeds for the latest updates! Until then, keep hitting refresh on dapta.com and get ready for our new look.

We have big plans for the future and will be sharing more details across all our platforms in the coming months. Stay tuned to find out more!

Want to contribute, or find out more about dapta? Get in touch through email at contact@dapta.com or social media (see footer). 




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