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Welcome to the daptablog! 

A series on engineering simulation, automation, and collaboration.

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Boldly going where no engineers have gone before!

At Dapta our goal is to help engineers achieve their imagination and build a sustainable world. We’re looking for the tools and methods that enable you to integrate your simulation tools and collaborate with your team more efficiently; letting you leverage your expertise and make better products faster.

Our blog will explore how you can use engineering simulation to take a system from a simple idea to a customer ready product. We will look at what is easy, what makes it difficult and what is downright impossible.

Our focus will be on tools which are used by industry, but, with the three of us having spent time in academia, we’ll also cover exciting developments that come out of the lab (and hopefully make it to the real world).

Tell us…What is easy? What is difficult? What is downright impossible?

Behind this blog are the three co-founders of Dapta: Olivia, Chris, and Alex. We have a range of experience as engineers, researchers, and developers, and we’re looking forward to bringing all those perspectives together. If you identify with any of these categories hopefully you can find something interesting on this blog to take away and implement in your day to day.

If you think we’re out of our depth and you have better ideas than us, get in touch! We’ll be happy to look at your content and promote it, or if it’s not published anywhere, we can collaborate on getting your ideas across and promoting them.

We’re based in Bristol, UK, but have an international outlook (if only because two of us come from Germany and France). Wherever you are we’d like to hear about your perspective and experience on using engineering simulation.

Our first fully fledged blog post coming up shortly is:

On the road to design optimisation: a look into what it takes to use design optimisation today

Want to get in touch, contribute, or find out more about Dapta? Get in touch through email at contact@dapta.com or use LinkedIn, Twitter or our website!

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Live pictures of the team



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